Jumat, 02 Januari 2015

Write and Giggle!

I’d like to write, what’s on my mind when I was standing so long in my bathroom.
I’d like to write, what’s go around my head when my eyes got so hard closed just to sleep.
I’d like to write, what’s stuck in my brain when I listened to Copeland’s songs.
I’d like to write, what I shouldn’t think when I was typing a make-up review.
I’d just like to write, what makes me suddenly be an amateur melancholy molly when I feel the glace of rain.
If someday, I found these old writings ...I wish I will smile with some giggles.
Giggling, why I was too naive and then thank God ...the steps lead me figure out what happiness is.
Giggling, why my grammar was screwed up!
That was well hard, though.
source: aestheticoutburst.blogspot.com

-typed with Suburban Love by Lipstik Lipsing.mp3 as backsound-

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